Fuck me while my sis' is taking a shower

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Trish Collins

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6,744 5.0
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I would just say it's true. You are really better than your sister and do not worry she will never know anything.

arrow2ken - Top reviewer Apr 2
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Trish Collins enters the fun world of role play with this naughty tale. The lighting and camera angles provide the perfect view of this sexual goddess.

ben_ready69 Mar 2 2018
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What more can we say?! Our lovely goddess has outdone herself again! Just another fantasy out of trishs creative and erotic mind. Absolutely amazing! I love that she's talks while fucking her tight wet hole. That's the best to hear that voice as she climaxing one of the best yet. We love you Trish thank you so much! ..And incorporate more dirty talk please ❤ xo

I’m sorry I didn’t publish anything last week, but I hope I’ll be forgiven ! /// You followed a hot girl home last night, spent the night with her, and like most men, you just thought about sneaking out in the morning – which you did, or at least tried to do. The girl (can you even remember her name ? you were so high !)you slept with said she’d just take a shower, so you thought now was your time; however, when you opened the living room’s door, you found another girl – she kinda looks like the one in the shower, eh ? comfortably laying in the sofa, and who claimed to be your one night stand’s roommate and sister… shet. So, playing it cool, you tried to seduce her – you rolled the dice and made a perfect 1 ! Sexy time with the sexy sister incoming ! Hope you will like it ! Trish