Mommy Watches Me Give Daddy a BJ

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1,306 5.0
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Bobbyoppo - Top reviewer Mar 5
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I love anything Alice does! This is another deepthroat vid. Onr of thr things I like about this vid is that there a some resl close shots of Alice"d pretty face as she takes daddy" s cock down her throat. The look in her eyes is almost enough to make me cum. Towards the end she bends over showing her perfect ass and pussy.(she shows how wet her pussy gets from sucking daddy" cock). If you don't know this by now Aluce is a master in the art of seduction

Mommy's not as good of a throat slut as I am! I suck daddy's cock in a kind of POV and dirty talk about how much better I am at oral than mommy. This video gets really spitty and you can see my throat bulge as I take daddy's fat cock down my throat. Daddy cums down my throat multiple times in this vid! Kind of a cuckquean vid here given the dirtytalk