Naughty Maid Fucks Stiletto Heels CUSTOM


Vixi Vee

British / England
12:15 min - Mar 07 - .MP4 - 1.76 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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I'm a sexy housekeeper dusting my employers bedroom, bending and leaning in sexy positions while cleaning. In the midst of cleaning, I grow curious of the types of lingerie she owns. I look around to make sure the nobody's watching as I begin to sift through her dresser drawer, admiring her sexy undergarments. Soon my admiration turns to lust as I begin to fantasize about wearing them. I pick up one of her lace panties, tasting and smelling her scent through the fabric drives me wild as I start to writhe in place, feeling myself up as I begin to gently lift the bottom of my dress to reveal my exposed pussy. Leaning back on her dresser I grab my duster and begin rubbing the hilt on my pussy as I start to get off on her scent but on the cusp of climaxing I'm startled by a thud on the ground which originated from a shoe box laying nearby that I accidentally knocked over. In the fear of getting caught by the noise I hastily put her panties back in the drawer as I continue on with my cleaning duties. Reaching down to pick up the shoe box I knocked over, my curiosity gets the best of me again as I take a look to see what kind of shoes lie within. My eyes gaze upon a sexy pair of tall clear stilettos. I fantasize about wearing them, aroused by severe arches I start to lick the heel while rubbing the other shoe down my body towards my pussy and soon the temptation becomes too much to bare as I give in with reckless abandon. Retrieving the shoes from the box I lie on the bed fondling myself with the shoes as I begin to masturbate with them, kissing and licking the one shoe as I rub and probe my pussy with the other, Cumming in various positions until my lust has been satisfied. Licking the juices off I regain your composure, putting the shoes back in the box and quickly tidying up the room, leaving the room so I can clean the rest of the house