Giantess Stepsisters' Stinky Sneakers VR


Miss Jane

American / Las Vegas
8:58 min - Mar 08 - .MP4 - 1.27 GB - 3840x1920 HD


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Jane and Sydney have found their creepy little stepbrother in their shoes again! They are so sick of this little pervert that they decide to give him what he asked for. They humiliate him and threaten to tell Mom and Dad, and tell him exactly what they think of his disgusting behavior. They make him sniff their sweaty feet and shoes, and stomp him into their nasty Converse sneakers. Finally they stomp him hard enough to make sure he won't annoy them any more. This video is playable with a VR video player. Search my store for the non VR version! Starring Sydney Screams and Miss Jane Judge, filmed and edited by VR Porn Perv