Pee Fetish Pleasing Girlfriend Gives In

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357 5.0
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simon296x - Top reviewer Mar 11
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As a pee fetish man it doesn’t get much better than this a wonderful wonderful video

Supermans Scrotum - Top reviewer Mar 16
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I don't usually go for stuff like this... but I was drunk so what the hell right? I figured why not, by the end of this night of drinking ill prob pee my own pants! So I got this video for Gabby to show me how its done, and let me tell you, she does it BIG TIME. look how happy she is holding up those pants. Im sure she made whoever ordered this custom pee their pants with Excitment

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This is an amazing high quality video! A very good story line with peeing, teasing, dildo masturbating, and cumming. Great video that will see lots of use.

Slothking97 - Top reviewer Mar 18
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Excellent video for anyone who loves to indulge in a little bit of their pee fetish.

You are such a putz! You know after running i have to pee and you don't do the one thing I ask. After being frusterates and pacing back and forth you share a naughty secret. You have a pee fetish!! I'm in shock and taken back. I love that you wanna share with me, but that is the first time I've heard about this. I have to give in to make you happy and the bathroom fixed! I slowly start to piss my grey leggings but i quickly drench them in my warm piss. I take them off and show you what you made me do! You are such a naughty boy! But my Pussy is so wet and i see how hard your cock is i find the perfect place to put it. I suck it with my mouth while I know you are thinking about where you really want it. I slide it between my tits fucking them ever so messy with your thick cock. I really want to know how a cock feels in my Pussy so i slide you in and oh my fucking god it feels amazing! Mmmm baby I love how you feel inside me and I even cum and cream all over your dick. After cumming I bet for you to cum inside me and fill me with your warm load. Pee, wet, messy, bbw, workout, curvy, solo female, piss, thick, tattooed, cum begging