Freebie Tuesday

Mirror Ride In My Dreamy Purple Lair

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American / Pacific NW
907 5.0
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aberrate Jan 5 2016
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Artemis is stunningly beautiful and always a treat to talk to and watch.

g33kofalltrades - Top reviewer Nov 2 2015
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Another great video, The fim quality wasn't as great but there are many factors that can have been responsible for that but overall I liked it.

This video was recorded during a mirror ride cam show (filmed with another camera, not my webcam or a screen recording). A couple minutes of silliness and talking in the beginning... then I oil up my boobs and belly before turning around to oil up my booty! I face you as I ride my realistic jet-black dildo mounted on my mirror, eventually adding in my Lelo wand for extra stimulation. Watch me get very VERY close to the edge a few times before finally having an amazing orgasm! A little bit of toy sucking at the end, as well as using my dildo on my hands and knees. 22 minutes and 27 seconds long! 1080p