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Electrified Sissygasm - Star Nine

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Featuring Star Nine! I don't know why you're finding it so very difficult to prove your devotion by dropping that tiny little key in the mail. Such a simple order. Yes, I know how you love to make excuses. your poor poor girlfriend, don't you think she'd be better off knowing the truth? That you're secretly a little sniffing sissy slut? She'd leave you in a heartbeat if she knew about any of this. you're going to send Me that key, after all, I've just sent you a package. That's right, open the package you little sissy coward. Why yes, it is electric. Those little alligator teeth? They hook right on to that tight metal cage of yours. Go on, pull down your panties you'll see the dial turns up to 10 - what number shall I have you start with. Look at that little clitty tingle and throb and twitch. You know that electricity can make you squirt even though you're all locked up . . . Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com Includes sissy sluts, chastity, orgasm control, pantyhose domination, latex, cbt instruction #SubTraining #TeaseAndDenial #PantyhoseDomme #Dangling #FemdomPOV #Femdom

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