Cherie DeVille: POTUS Blackmailed

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Laz Fyre

American / Seattle, WA
2,633 5.0
21:40 min - Apr 06 - .MP4 - 1.19 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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bobby0159 - Top reviewer Apr 6
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So funny, we need this humor in this dark time in politics

This listing is for the 1080p HD version. Cherie DeVille is a presidential candidate who received an unwelcome phone call. She’s been colluding with the Russians to rig the election, and her Russian contact, Laz, has gathered enough information to blackmail her. When she arrives, she’s angry. “Are you blackmailing me now?” she demands to know. Laz catches her off-guard. “Are you not whore? You look like president, but I think you are whore.” He makes it clear that if she wants the flash drive back, she is going to service him. If she isn’t willing to suck his cock, he will turn himself in & confess to hacking the election for her. Ms. DeVille tries her best to stay angry, but unfortunately her Russian nemesis pegged her right: she is a whore… and she’s enjoying herself. Also unfortunately, Laz sees that Cherie is enjoying the pounding he’s giving her, and he taunts her. Cherie tries to muster her best annoyed face while Laz continues. “You like to fuck penis? In Russia, penis fucks you.” He flips her into piledriver, as if to drive home the point that she might be enjoying herself, but she’s still getting fucked. Laz drills himself deep inside her & cums hard. Cherie suddenly finds her anger. “You came in me?! What is wrong with you?” Laz replies, “I don’t pull out.” Then, “Consider it… diplomatic insemination. Now you can be president with blessing from Russia