My first butt plug



Estonian / Estonia
6:11 min - Jul 28 - .WMV - 153.85 MB


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That's one sexy ass video! I remember my first time doing anal, it was with my first "REAL" girlfriend. Not the ones you have before having or knowing what sex is. I'll never forget when she looked up at me with those sexy doe eyes, and told me she wanted me to be her first time. Then when her sexy Mexican lips uttered the words, I want you to stick it in my ass, with her Spanish accent too!  Oh my GOODNESS!!! She couldn't handle it, she came fast as fuck, and I wasn't too far behind her. Did your ears pop, from initial insertion too? She said it felt like she was being ripped open at first, but once we got past my head penetrating her tight little sexican ass hole, we both exhaled! LOL!

I just got this butt plug and decided to try it. I put a butt plug into my ass, then put a vibrator inside of my pussy ans masturbate with it and i also use my magic want. What a strong orgasm i had. That was awesome.