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Krystal Does Her Best Friends Boyfriend

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Krystal's best friend just broke up with her boyfriend and while Krystal is clearing out his stuff she finds that he uses Magnum rubbers. Krystal likes magnums like a stripper likes her money. That's because magnums mean A BIG COCK. But Krystal needs to see the proof for herself. When he comes by to get his stuff Krystal takes the opportunity to examine his supposed big dick. He really can't say no because she looks so hot and sexy in her tight dress that's so short that her panties keep peeking through. Within 2 seconds oh her whipping out his HUGE dick she starts licking him before taking his whole manhood in her tiny little mouth. She then takes him on a blowjob roller coaster that never seems to end. She just can't get enough of his huge engorged dick in her mouth. Her knees get sore so she lies on her back in the bed and continues the seemingly endless fellatio. Since she's down there she decides to teabag his balls while stroking his dick with both hands making him so wet you can hear his juices as she tugs and tugs and tugs. She feels horny as fuck and decides to give her best friends ex a lap dance because he's been such a naughty boy. Alls he can do is sit there and take her sexiness as she rubs her bare ass up and down his crotch as she squeezes her pink cheeks around his engorged penis which looks like it's about to burst. And that;s when the fast and furious fun starts as she faces him and straddles him as she sits directly on his penis.. and then comes the pile driver... up and down and up and down and up and down it looks and sounds so real that you can easily imagine her bouncing on your dick as if you were there. But then she decides to finish him off by letting him cum in her mouth. There's nothing like sex with your best friends ex

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