Freebie Tuesday

Krystal Gets Nailed By The Photographer



American / California
21:12 min - Apr 15 - .MP4 - 2.36 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Krystal is happy that she got booked for a fashion shoot because lately all her photographers are wierdos and keep pestering her for upskirts and nudie shots. But then he whips out the money and asks Krystal for "a little bit more skin". Not able to resist the green she agrees to some sexy shots but only if he keeps the video private. Truth is she likes to show off for the camera which he quickly realizes as she starts to rub her pussy over her panties which quickly leads to her fingering herself. The photographer is eager to help her reach climax and offers her a big black dildo. She's taken aback by the size but he quickly counters with some lube which she uses as she thrusts that big black dildo into that tight pink pussy of hers. He then brings out every girls best friend, The Hitachi Magic Wand. Using both toys she brings herself to near climax. Horny AF she now wants that photographers dick in her mouth. He can't resist her and before he knows it she has made him part of the video. Not satisfied stopping there she decides to go all the way and give this photographer something to really smile about. She jumps on his dick and rides that pole like a true porn star. How is that these "fashion shoots" always turn into pornos? Oh well, that's the life of a porn star. Lucky photographer
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