cum on my pregnant belly



Estonian / Estonia
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I want you to wear a sexy dress that goes well with your pregnant belly. I really love this dress you wore in the ''Fake pregnancy (custom)'' video,it is the black and white dress =P1. Start off the video doing some sexy poses. I love side views of the belly with hands on back/hips. I also like the on all fours position/doggystyle if possible =DI would love it if you could rub your belly a lot, i loved being teased with it =)Say some sexy things about pregnant women also to get me going =P2. After the posing i want you to start giving me JOI's. While you are giving me JOI's the baby starts to kick a bit, this will eventually lead to some small contractions towards the end =)3. The baby is now kicking a lot at this point so you decide the best thing to do is give me a BJ. Before you do the BJ i want you to put lipstick on like in the ''Lipstick kisses on your dick (kissing)'' video, you looked seriously hot in that