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Krystal Does The Guy Next Door

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Krystal is home alone and feeling horny. She decides to give her neighbor what he's always wanted, her pussy. She has been giving him a hard-on for over a year parading in front of him wearing booty shorts and skirts so short that she's always giving him some candid pussy lip slip shots lol. So she calls him and tells him her front door is unlocked. He runs over and finds her getting wet and horny in her bedroom. She already started the party by rubbing her pussy and getting all wet for him. She flashes him a big smile before reaching for his pants and quickly pulling them down to free that dick! She has always wondered what he would taste like and he always wondered what her mouth felt like. Both were pleasantly surprised. After some fun sucking his dick she pulls her lil red panties right off and he quickly asks her to get doggystyle. He has worshiped that booty from afar for too long and he now wants to see it jiggle as he pounds that pussy from behind. Before sticking it in he feels up that ass and it's every bit as silky smooth as he fantasized. He can't help but slap that ass and she loves it as he turn her cheeks red with each slap. Watch as he spreads that pussy and rubs her tight little butthole with his thumb. But before he can stick it in she's back on that dick which she can't seem to keep out of her mouth. He can't hold off anymore and thrusts his rock hard member into that pretty pink pussy. And now he hears her sweet sexual moans and groans that he's come to recognize through the walls, but now he's the one causing her sweet pain. It looks so real that you feel you are the one pounding that pussy. He plays with her tits and fingers her pussy before flipping her over to fulfill that doggystyle fantasy. Slap, slap, slap is all you can hear as he pounds that pussy from behind. OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD is all she can say as he rides her like a wild pony. There's no thrill like fucking that sexy girl next door. Lucky dude

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