Bisexual MMF Three Way Madness

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Alex Coal

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57,172 4.7
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Hi you are the lovely pedal to make the flower beautiful

Pocky23 Aug 21 2016

This video is amazing. Alex is so amazing doing anal & dp. A definite must buy for any fan of hers

jesuschrysler Apr 27 2016

This is what sex should be.  Hot girl hot guys all having fun. Love is Love and Sex is Sex.  Alex is such an amazing woman to be apart of this

svt155 Apr 7 2016

Def read the description before purchase lolol i instantly got it bc it said 3 way.. with the most awesome girl on planet earth..:P!!! then all the sudden saw 2 dudes goin at it.. lol fyl not homophobic.. just sayin

svt155 Apr 7 2016

great vid though.... love u alex!!!

piggy2k9 Mar 9 2016

Hi, where do the guys cum?

sexiestmoan deleted Feb 7 2016

I wanna try a mfm threesome so bad... too bad my current partner doesn't want it. this video is very hot!

jesuschrysler Apr 27 2016

fuck opposite problem i cant find a girl that wants two men

ZandraEli Feb 2 2016

I love brock & you are so beautiful! im totally jealous <3 
leaving you tons of hearts!

NinthThrow Dec 11 2015

I'm really intrigued, but I'm not a fan of B/B. But you look so pretty!

Alex Coal Jan 15 2016

Most of the video is not bb, but if you don't think you can handle it don't get the video. Look for an MFM threesome instead of a MMF threesome.

Potranca Fina
Potranca Fina deleted Dec 10 2015

hey love I left you lots of hearths, lets collaborate honey! you make me horny muahhzz!

yaebone1 Nov 19 2015

Someone needs to let me know when this clip goes on sale

Alex Coal Nov 28 2015

It's not going to. :/

Alex Coal Jan 15 2016

It's not going to go on sale, but if you want a deal on my videos you can get a 3 month membership and save over $100.

Andrew Boese Sep 23 2015

One of the best videos I have ever seen. Alex is magic onscreen.

BigBen45 Sep 2 2015

Your moans arouse me like no other

cccccccccccccccc Aug 19 2015

Kickass threesome! Loved it. Turned me on like crazy

agboese deleted Aug 7 2015

Incredible video. Very intense and very enjoyable. Didn't mind the bb scenes, to be able to see Alex take them both on and the DP scene, breathtaking. No one better than Alex. :)

Alex Coal Aug 7 2015

Thank you so much! I'm ecstatic that you loved it as much as I do. This video gets me off over and over again every time I watch it.

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johnhmaloney Aug 6 2015
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Amazing video. Of course, it was great to see you take on two guys at the same time, but I was also very pleasantly surprised by the guy/guy action. :)

Lily Marie May 8 2016
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This is the hottest video I've seen in quite some time. It's very easy to see how much everyone's genuinely enjoying the threesome, during every scene and every possible combination. The video's generous length leaves enough room for lots of different positions and activities, and nothing feels rushed. Even if you're not really into b/b, you'll still enjoy watching Alex' awesome reactions to watching the two guys together. Alex is looking super cute and takes 2 dicks like a champ. I love the way this was filmed, too - lots of great focus on facial expressions and details, but not too 'artsy'-looking at all. Great picture and sound quality.

cccccccccccccccc - Top reviewer Aug 19 2015
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One of the sexiest and free-loving videos I've seen so far on manyvids. Really hot stuff and clearly a lot of fun.

cainewhite Aug 7 2015
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Really good video please make more like it

ShaneG3 Jan 29 2017
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This is an incredible video! It gives you a view of 3 people that truly enjoy being together and sharing everything. If you ever wanted to have a threesome this will show you what you're missing out on. Alex is perfect in every way in this video, be sure and show her some love for all her hard work.

Alex Coal Jan 29 2017

Thank you so much for your sweet reviews and for the fund me donation you made! ❤️

bigboxofrope Aug 23 2016
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Oh my god, this video is insanely hot. The DP is amazing and Alex takes it like a champ ;)

nazgul520 Aug 23 2016
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I did short review of this film, so now a full review

Ms Coals raw sexual energy is on full display on this film, Alex Coal normally more of a dom shows a bit more submissive in this film. In many ways you tell this unscripted and the flow of action seems much more real than some LA porn shoot. All in all a good chemistry is shown in this film

jcrdwl Nov 10 2016
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As a bisexual man, I have to say this is one of the hottest things I have ever seen in my life.

joeythew Jun 10 2016
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This video had it all and I mean all !! Think of a sexual act or position and they did it (dual oral, anal, dp, 69, spanking, facials, spit-roasting, no orifice was off limits). Did I mention Alex does anal? Just the 37 min length itself was well worth the price. What made the video even better was that you could tell that Alex, Brock, and Mike really enjoyed each other's company and that really came through the video. It was so hot Mike even collapsed in exhaustion half way through and all three did at the end. Even the scratches down Alex's back in the heat of ecstasy caught me by surprise but in a good way. And the shower at the end was a great way to end the video. Overall excellent video.

imahitthatnow Apr 22 2016
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This, along with all her videos, is super hot

titymctwist - Top reviewer Mar 20 2016
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is there a non gay edited version because that was hott

Alex Coal Mar 21 2016

I'm glad you liked it, but no, the mmf only comes in its full glory. 😊 thank you for rating 5 stars!

Rangermanxlt Mar 1 2016
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This vid was damn good and worth watching. Seeing you take on both cocks let alone bisexual action was quite sexy. I def recommend people to buy this one, I myself intend to watch this vid multiple times!

Alex Coal Mar 19 2016

Thank you!

pwg643 Feb 17 2016
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This is one of the hottest videos that I have ever seen.

jd5404 Feb 6 2016
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This video is hot, *but* it is also not kidding about the boy-boy content, and it's not talking about a peck on the cheek. If you don't like that, skip this video.

KonradK2000 Jan 3 2016
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This video is amazing! Alex shines between these two hunks! The most erotic bespectacled girl with the most delightful body and the obvious good chemistry between all three of them makes the sex super hot, I wish Alex would do more in that vein.

selfiescreening deleted Dec 13 2015
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By far the best video on this site. I'm not bisexual and skip over those scenes - maybe we get a non bi MMF soon!- but even still Alex is just a dream.'

kagejohn Nov 28 2015
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Alex Coal clearly had fun so great video and the guy on guy was made okay by the reaction from Alex Coal

khaosinme Nov 2 2015
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This video is perfect. 5 stars. Would like to see more anal/dp in the future.

●●●●● Read Review

An absilutely amazing scene, you can see that all of them had an amazing time

Jarek_Tral66 Sep 20 2017
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This video is super hot. Everyone really enjoys themselves and the whole video is amazing to watch. Definitely worth getting!

Andrewm26 Aug 26 2017
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Absolute perfection. My wife and I LOVE watching this video together. Alex is one of the best in the business and her sexual energy is unmatched. This video in particular is by far the hottest MMF we've ever seen. So sensual. So amazing.

MichaelXY - Top reviewer Jun 30 2016
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The video is 960x540 resolution and 24 fps, it looks decent at the default resolution.

The video starts with Alex sitting on a couch giving a BJ to both guys going back and forth and while she is jerking them off and the guys start kissing, there is a part while they kiss where she is moaning and smiling and looking up at them and that I thought was just super cute and sexy.

She seems to enjoy the fact that the guys are having fun and she is a part of it. She stands up between the guys and they strip and grope her perfect body.

Now I know the term "great" or "perfect" bodies are misused quite a bit but her body really is magnificent with a lovely round behind, perky breasts and a stomach/torso that doesn't scream anorexic but still shows off her ribs while getting fucked which is something I have a bit of a thing for.

Anyways for the actual sexy there is alot of great variety here ranging from spit-roasting while standing or in doggystyle to riding and missionary with the guys sandwiching Alex and even doing some short DP.

For the first cumshot one of the guys is sitting on the couch in front of Alex and the other guy jerking himself off while being finger by the guy. Alex and the guy take turns licking up a bit of his cum and kiss briefly.
The guys swap positions and the other guy sits on the couch and jerks himself to a rather weak orgasm that you can't really see.

The ending for me was a bit disappointing especially the second 'cumshot' as I would have loved to see less jerking from the guys themselves and seen their partners finish them and more cumplay especially male to female cumplaying.

All scenes are bareback which is spectacular to see and a rarity as most of these type of MMF scenes I've seen generally are not and I appreciate this fact.

There is a short bonus shower sequence at the end with all three of them in the shower.

The movie features a good amount of guy on guy action in here and it does get very graphic such as full on kissing and even ass licking so if that turns you off this clip may not be for you however you will miss out on a fantastic scene which the performers (especially Alex) seemed to have alot of fun making.

Even though the resolution is slightly lower quality and the ending a bit disappointing this is still a fantastic and sexy video that I can highly recommend to anyone interested in seeing some nice bi-sexual action.

tcolbyiv Aug 6 2015
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Disappointed, half this video is the gay / guy on guy. Description does not mention this. $25 down the drain :(

noperblammo deleted Nov 13 2015
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Feels fake and overproduced. This is definitely a fake porn, not a homemade movie like I was hoping for, since she is a camgirl as well. A few good spots when the guys are fucking that feels real, but the rest is pretty fake sounding/looking.

Alex Coal Nov 13 2015

I'm sorry you feel that way. I actually shot this with my boyfriend and a friend of ours and it's a super home grown video. His girlfriend filmed it and he edited it. We basically just filmed a threesome we were going to have anyway. So it's pretty much exactly the opposite of what you described. Like you said, I'm a camgirl, so I only do what I want to do and what I would be doing anyway. This wasn't a "performance" it was a peek into my life.

As for sexual abilities, you can ask Brock and Mike Panic. I think they would give me pretty damn high stars. XD

gabrielamb Feb 7 2016
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Jesus man..

Too much gay shit in this video, warning..

Alex Coal Feb 8 2016

Did you not read the description? It's an MMF threesome. Not a mfm. It's all in the description.

I do three things I've never done before in this video: I get to watch two men together in person (so hot), I have my first ever DP, and of course this is my first ever MMF three way. There's not enough space in this section for me to properly summarize this video, trust me, I tried. Most of the video you get to watch me get used and use two hard cocks, impress the guys with my anal skills, and suck them so well they stop kissing to watch me. At the end all three of us get in the shower with me in the middle. Just know that this is a bisexual three way, we all play with each other and enjoy each other. There is BB content as well as BG content
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