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slutty school girl punished by daddy

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Bigbadmike22 - Top reviewer Nov 6
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The way she rode that dick and sucked it so sloppy, I’m sure she will be getting ‘punished’ a lot more very soon!!

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Love this girl! Can’t get enough of these videos! Omg so good!!!

Missy got in trouble at school today... She was caught sucking dick in the bathroom! Daddy is very disappointed. He taught her to be a much sneakier slut than that! Missy knows the drill, it is time for punishment. First she gives daddy a nice, sloppy, blowjob just like she did for the boy at school. Then it's time for ruler spanks! 100 of them! Watch how red her ass gets as she squirms under each smack. For her final punishment, Missy rides daddy's dick for the first time facing front and back. She really learned her lesson this time! But I'm sure she'll be back for more punishment