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Nurse Krystal Gets Possessed by the Dick



American / California
15:56 min - May 10 - .MP4 - 1.78 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Krystal is back at one of her many day jobs, taking your donations at the sperm bank. But the doctor didn't show up today so Nurse Krystal takes over for the day and in comes her first unsuspecting patient. He thought she would hand him the magazine and a cup and point him towards the private donation rooms. But instead Nurse Krystal decides to get hands-on and take his seed the old fashioned way, by sucking him until the juice runs down his leg. So on her knees she goes to admire and size up his penis. She strokes it oh so gently with her petite delicate hands and fingers before taking him in her sweet little month like a corn dog at the state fair. She makes him spread hella wide just like the boys do to her. But that's only so she can get easier access to his balls which she licks and sucks... one ball at a time. She comments about his hairy ass as she massages his booty hole. No hole left behind is her motto. The pressure is too much for him as he wraps his thighs around her neck as she gulps down his manhood, taking it ALL in and gagging on cum filled pleasure. And then he turns the tables on her and bends her over the bed revealing her beautiful bouncy ass and pink kitty. She left him harder and more swollen than he had ever been and he cannot resist the urge to thrust himself inside of her little kitty until she starts singing that beautiful sex symphony of moan and groans between gasps for air. In the end she gets what she came for... a huge load of his specimen. But then instead of putting it in a cup, she decides to swallow it! lol... Oh well, I guess she's gonna have to get another sample from him... and he ain't complaining
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