Nike Sneakers, Black Socks, And Feet



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There is an extended cut of this video, "Feet, Black Socks, Cumming In Sneakers" (, that contains bonus content. Jack Williams wiggles his toes shoeplaying in his black Nike running sneakers and shows off his black ankle socks and young bare feet, soles and toes in this gay foot fetish video. He's been wearing his dirty trainers. His sneaker insoles are worn. Each insole has filthy dark black marks over them where his sweat has left distinct foot prints visible on the liners. It's obvious so much jock sweat has been absorbed by these trainer insoles. He strips off his black ankle socks and you notice his hairy legs. Jack wore these socks with shoes he borrowed off his buddy to play sports in. He hasn't washed them since, but he's kept them balled up inside these sneakers. He shows off his twink bare feet, long toes, neatly trimmed toe nails, and smooth soles, comparing them to the prints left on the shoe insoles. His feet match the prints perfectly.. You can hear him take deep sniffs of his insoles and his socks. His scent is turning him on. He slips his sneakers back on sockless which makes him even more horny. Imagine what the insoles would be like if he didn't wear socks with these shoes… Quality: 4K