Daddy I Can Take Care of You



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It's been forever since I've seen my Dad due to the divorce. Mom is a wreck, the house is in shambles, I want him to come back and am willing to do anything I can to make that happen. He tells me he wasn't having sex with my mom and that, that is why he left. If sex is all it takes to convince him to come back home then why not have sex with me? I give him a quick bj and then begin touching myself asking for more. Please Daddy, aren't I pretty, don't you love me? We start having sex and then move into the bedroom where Daddy makes me squirt for the very first time ever! He then fucks me so hard in doggy that I cum all over his cock as he creampies me so deep that almost nothing comes out. When it's done my Daddy starts to regret it and I remind him "Daddy I'm not on birth control, now you have to come home to help take care of your new baby!" blackmail squirt tricked trick impregnate ddlg daddy daughter first