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There is an extended cut of this video, "FUCK, CUM ON, AND WEAR YOUR FLIP FLOPS" (, that contains bonus content. Jack Williams is horny again. He shows off his erect uncut cock. He sees your Havaianas flip flops out of the corner of his eye and it gives him the idea to use them to get off. Want to spy on his flip flop fuck? He shows off his smooth bare soles and plays with the cold worn flip flops with his long toes, sliding them onto his feet, while tugging on his dick and showing off his hairy legs and thighs. He wiggles his toes in the flip flops, then takes one off and teases his balls with it before sliding it onto his cock, using his precum as sticky lube. He jacks off with the flip flop, leaving a trail of shiny precum where he's rubbed his cock against the pattern on the rubber. Jack alternates between using his hand and your flip flops to jack off, his foreskin rubs back and forth over his cock head, and he occasionally plays with his balls. He shows off his feet in and out of flip flops. At one point he takes off a flip flop and uses the strap as a cockring on his erection. When he's ready to cum, it makes sense to shoot his creamy white load all over your flip flops, right where your toes have been. He squeezes out every last drop, making sure the flip flops are soaked in his jizz. In the extended cut of the video, Jack shows off the mess he's made slowly running and trickling down the insoles,. Then it's time to slip your cummed flip flops onto his bare feet, wiggle his toes in jizz getting it all over his soles, then go about the rest of his day. Would you wear them after him? Or maybe lick his feet clean when he gets back home? Quality: 4K