Shhh Your Father isn't Awake

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mondomike - Top reviewer Jul 14
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Very kinky scene with hot roleplay and very immediate POV feeling.

It's the middle of the night, and you wake up with my mouth around your cock. "Shhhh your Father is asleeep" I whisper as I then continue to go down on you. It feels so good but you know we shouldn't still be doing this. "Why would you feel guilty about this, if your Father touched me more I wouldn't have to do this" I proclaim as I smile boldly before pushing your cock to the back of my throat. MM God it feels so good, I can't help but want more and before you know it I've climbed on top and am riding you! "Mom we can't be this loud" you try to protest before I moan loudly in pleasure. Your Father has a new prescription for night time and he won't be waking up no matter how loud we get, I reassure you and begin grinding on your cock as it goes so deep inside me I can't help but scream. Soon I'm bouncing up and down on your cock as my cum drips down your dick. You want to take charge now and lay me down on my back before pushing your hard cock inside my tight pussy. "Oh son I love you so much!" You fuck me so hard I can't help but cum multiple times. You can't help but notice my pearl necklace and when I ask where you want to cum you know exactly where you want to. I take off my pearls before you cum all over my neck and chest. I get a huge smile and can't help but lick and suck the tip of your dick completely clean after you've cum. MMmmm I love fucking my son! Shot entirely in POV so you're right there in the middle of the action. POV Point of view mom son taboo family sex pearl necklace cum shot multiple orgasms riding grinding amateur mother milf SmartyKat's first riding video