Taking the Gamble

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American / New York
2,308 5.0
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Raul Rex Aug 29
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first off i really like how cute Billy Looks in this scene . with his Glasses and his boyish smile , that really draws me into what happens next . a seductive striptease on his bed as he brings out a Dildo so big ..i still don`t have the words to describe it ...except its pretty fucking huge . :D
i like that he starts off with a very sensual blowjob with the Gambler ( i really enjoyed this part ) he works slow trying to fit as much of it as he can in his mouth :) all with a smile as he looks to the camera . and as the scene goes on he prepares himself to take a ride on this , he takes off his shirt cradling the gambler between his feet as he strokes his clit looking at the camera ( i really like the POV camera shot in this scene ) yes this is the part that got me into it . also licking his Hitachi Wand
and next he revs it up and places on his clit . i really like the foreplay at the beginning of this scene leading up to Billy fucking himself with the Monster Dildo the Gambler .
all i can say is i really like what i see :D its a instant re-watch on a night where you want to see a cute stud like Billy take a huge cock with a smile .

stonertrashboyvids deleted Jul 29
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So hot. And what an amazing ending

blkmth4whtcock Jun 9 2018
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Hot fucking vid the ending sent me into orgasmic bliss as a gay man I never thought I would want to fuck a pussy but I'm open to it now.

Billy was so excited about his new toy the Gambler that as soon as he found it on his doorstep he set up his camera and took this video. The Gambler is more than 10" long and nearly 3" wide but Billy takes it easily after teasing his cock with his fingers and his Magic Wand. That curved head pounds Billy's g-spot until he squirts all over that thick cock