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Slutty GF Tells Cheating Story

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You're getting ready to go to the music festival with Jackie. She comes out to model her outfit for your and its TINY! You tell her to go changes, and she begrudgingly does so. When Jackie comes back, she's in an even MORE revealing outfit! You decide not to test your luck pushing anymore and decide to leave for the festival. While you're there, you notice Jackie looking over your shoulder a lot. It seems like she's making eyes at someone, and she keeps giggling and licking that sucker so seductively at SOMEONE. You watch her eyes get wide as the stranger approaches and asks her to dance. Of course, she takes his hand and disappears for a while. You reunite at home and start to question her about where she went! She was gone for so long, and she keeps insisting it was nothing... Eventually she admits that she fucked this stranger in his tent! The more she talks about it, the more turned on she becomes, and she begins to ride your cock. She's still fantasizing and talking about her affair as she rides your cock, dreaming about how much bigger he was than your are. She continues to describe fucking this stranger out of passion until she gets so turned on that she cums all over your cock. Your slutty girlfriend left you sloppy seconds today, because she's already fucked someone else just a few hours ago

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