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Popping Balloons While on Phone



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I walk into the room filled with over 60 balloons while I’m talking on the phone to my friend who I know is obsessed with balloons since she inflated tons of balloons when she was my house guest the other week. I tell her that I should probably let her go because I really need to get these balloons leftover from the party cleaned up. She tells me that I can just pop them while she stays on the phone if I want. I start popping a few of them with a pin, but she tells me that is way too boring, and I should pop them in a way that’s a little more fun. I ask her how I should pop them then. I let my balloon obsessed friend tell me how to pop the rest of the balloons while talking to her the whole time. Some ways that she ask me to pop them are: sit popping, race to sit pop 5 balloons as fast as I can, lay to pop, sit on a balloon and let it pop without bouncing, slowly lower my weight onto a balloon and see if I can lift my feet off the ground before it pops, stomp to pop, and nail pop.
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