Virgin Church Girl Amber

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This is a first of a kind video for me: SO let me set the role play. I am a church girl- totally committed to my church- I never ever miss a Sunday service. I love volunteering- teaching Sunday school when need be- I love singing in the choir. I truly believe that God will one day send me my soul mate- which means that I am keeping my body sacred. My body is meant only for my future husband. However... lately, my pastor- keeps staring at me and I cannot help but notice- and I get the shivers when he does. I realize lately that he has been touching me more and more. After service, grabbing my butt when no one is looking.. feeling me up under my Sunday dress. He even slipped me this pair of panties that I wearing today. I really really really have no idea what to think- Are these feelings I am having, ok??? Well, last Sunday, after church was dismissed- I stayed after to help organize the pews- and put the bibles and hymnal books back in place- My pastor and I were ALL alone.. And out of no where, he placed me down on the pew, slipped off my panties, spread my legs, and began kissing me.. Yea, between my legs. I HAVE NEVER EVER done anything like this.. or experienced anything like this. But oh my, it felt better than anything I had ever in my life felt. And he is my pastor? SO it is ok.. right? Well, I couldn't help but find myself in that moment- hoping that he would have sex with me. I am a virgin- but I just knew that him going inside of me would be the most amazing feeling ever... unfortunately he didn't. So today- before church service- I am confused and also really really horny. I hope I get another chance to be alone with him- I want to be ready for him- in the hopes that maybe, just maybe he will slide his dick inside of my virgin pussy. Watch me pleasure myself to the thought of fucking my pastor
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