Dirty Talking Cum Doll

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5,709 5.0
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grin4mycamera Nov 2 2015

The preview really does not sell the video.

silver_roo Oct 16 2014

An amazing video, such a seductive voice and those sexy eyes are only matched by Natalia's beauty :)

datguy555 Sep 26 2014

the eyes…

Fan_O_Comics Jun 28 2016
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It goes without saying that Natalia is a sexy performer but I will say it again anyway. I really enjoyed her performance and will be sure to buy more titles in the future.

cmarkjones11 Jun 10 2015
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Natalia Grey talking dirty is perhaps Natalia at her finest. Of all the videos of hers I have purchased this is my favourite one.

Ryan_Titsman - Top reviewer Jun 4 2015
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The dirty-talking queen.

kradekmfc - Top reviewer May 19 2015

merl1n - Top reviewer May 19 2015

Do you enjoy watching a good little submissive slut tease you and talk dirty to you? Then this is what you want!