Makoto & Sae Niijima | Into The PERSONA

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Lana Rain

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66,550 4.9
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DaveInIA Jan 12

OMG I need this.  Where's my wallet?

I loved your video, I’m a new producer working on cosplay in a different way. Could you check my FREE videos on my profile and tell me what you guys think?

jarvaveo Jul 21

This is not a S-tier vid
It is totally a SSS-tier vid and deserved to be a nominee of MV Vid of the year 2018
Cause I bet the winner is just another risky sexual action in public video LoL

OMG... you in that white/gray wig :<D<3<3<3<3

Right! But she’s anonymous... super hot 🔥🔥🔥

I'm curous who was the other person when u where taking a dildo, becuase last I checked thier is only one of u

A female friend of mine :3

EtherWei Jun 16

OMG is that a strap on?


Ludwig27 Jun 14

Admiro tu entrega y sobretodo apreciamos la belleza de tu cuerpo que siempre digo es la piel de un ángel, un video innovador ... un saludo al que te ayudo a hacerlo posible ... y ahora que tú lo he logrado te mereces un reparador de descanso mi reina cosplay

I was waiting for this one when you announced it months ago. glad to see it here at last :)

I'm really happy it's up finally too! I really needed to make sure I had the best mindset to do it.

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3 main routes. Some of Lana's best text dialogue. Characters look and act accurate to the source material, but with a perverted spin. Love this video.

It really means a lot to me that you noticed the similarity of how they act to the source material. It's not something many people care about and I don't think I did it well back then either. Thank you so much.

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Just when we thought Lana couldn't outdo herself, this masterpiece comes out, and in fine style as well.

Brokelink - Top reviewer Jun 15
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How to say it simply, the amount of work and ingenuity in this vid is amazing. And it is sexy and lewd. You come for the porn, you stay for the choices and porn is back again ! Congratulations to you Lana Rain ! A masterpiece

Aww, thank you so much >.< "Stay for the choices and porn is back again" Ty ty ty ty I worked so mega hard on this. This mean alot to me.

Doguemastiff - Top reviewer Jun 13
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I have been waiting for this video for a long time. I am a fan of Person5, so to see Lana_Rain waifu irl cosplaying as Makoto waifu in Persona 5 is a dream come true. Not only that, but it is also a double cosplay as Sae Najima. Two cosplays for the price of one.

1st half. Oh my god how I wished I was the one to wear the strap-on and fuck Lana. I would die happily to have that position. This is the closest you will see of Lana fucking a person, so if you want something like that, it is here. 2nd half the whole blowjob scene. nice touch on having Sae lipstick all over the cock. I found that extremely hot when your lipstick is smudged all over the place. 3rdhalf, seeing the cum oozing all over her pussy. Very hot to watch.

What more do I have to say. As a fan of Persona 5, you got Saes personality right there on the ball. I am shocked it took her a lot of days and filming and editing to do this and it really shows here. Also nice touch on having Saes moans deeper that Makoto This is a $50 dollar S_Tier video well spent and you will not be disappointed with this one. Get it now

Thank you so much Dogue! I'm soooooo happy you like this vid.

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You know I can see why they call u the Living Hentai, because all your work almost look like a good hentai episode so please continue to make some good showshence why a perfect score.

Thank you soooooo much!

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very fun to play through! some of the split frame scenarios don't match quite right but they actually are really fun and enjoyable and i appreciate how tough it is to make that work. i've played very little persona but this video is really great just on its own.

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An absolutely amazing video. Lana put a tremendous amount of effort into this, and it shows. So many options, all of them amazingly sexy and perverted. From getting fucked with a strap-on to taking turns sucking dick to getting fucked like a bitch in heat, Lana pulls off every scene perfectly, and the dialogue is so amazingly slutty!

I recommend this video to... everyone! Literally everyone!!!

Super happy you liked this one to! There was a lot going into this so I couldn't be happier with the results and feedback by everyone. Thank you for all of your persistent support Rottenpines ^^

deathnymph deleted - Top reviewer Aug 2
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Incredible work and production value im definitely getting Ann’s vid since its also a choose your story vid

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Worth every penny, I really liked the visual novel style of video.

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Jun 24
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Amazing, cosplay and execution. First time I've seen this done. I watched it through the multiple paths and each was amazing. I enjoyed every minute.

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A large, ambitious, project, that I say was met with great success. The production quality, film quality, lighting, costumes, script, everything was amazingly well done. I highly recommend this video for anyone interested in roleplay or cosplay.

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This is the second time I've purchased a lana rain video and of course it's the second persona one,there are many improvements from the last styled video like this and the ambition of doing two characters paid off, a side from some moments where the picture would freeze and some spelling it's a well done video and it was fun to see lana bring in someone to do the strap on work, perhaps we'll see them in another video who knows haha
All in all great work lana and I hope to see another persona themed video again soon, perhaps in the usual style.

visage2 Feb 10
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First time seeing a video in this style. I can say I really enjoyed it 10/10

AlessioM1992 - Top reviewer Jan 29
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Not sure what was my favorite route. Was too amazing

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Amazing video that must have taken a lot of work to put together. It was also great to see Lana working a scene with her mystery co-star, it just made this video even hotter.

trock230 - Top reviewer Oct 26
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This video is a most buy! love when she makes these videos with multiple endings... it always great to watch! :)

Levergun66 deleted Oct 10
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Loved it!

lovesbrain - Top reviewer Aug 18
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Unlocked all endings!!! I've been at this video for two months!! though I'm definitely a fan of a few endings and couldn't help but play again, which severely delayed my completion time. However, I'm absolutely impressed with Lana's work here, not only by making a game out of a fap video, but the recording, sound work, and editing are flawless! Anyway Persona is an amazing series, and this was definitely a hot pick. If you're reading this and haven't added to cart yet I suggest you do so!

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Lana hyped this video as her most ambitious to date, and it certainly does not disappoint. Whether in terms of writing, cosplay, or concept this vid shows her commitment to pushing her capabilities as far as possible. The sheer effort and time that went into this project is mind-blowing, and well worth the comparatively high asking price. You certainly get your money's worth out of every second.

Long term fans will likely recognize many of the techniques used in the various scenes from previous projects. Lana has built upon her past experiences, refining and perfecting them in order to fully realize every perverted possibility they present. Additionally, both her physical and verbal acting is fully on point, as she clearly enjoys the source materiel and revels in the roles of both sisters, regardless of who is on screen.

A special shoutout to Lana's anonymous friend. To the best of my knowledge this is Lana's first manyvids submission with another woman, and what a first it is. I don't know how she managed to act with only her pelvis and legs, but she does an amazing job of conveying dominance solely through the tempo and strength of her strapon use. I don't know if she is interested in any work in the future, but she should know that her performance here is exemplary.

As always, I will also bring up some of the vid's shortcomings as a friendly critique. There are some scenes where the special effects slip slightly, as overlaps don't quite match up or rigs become visible. However, these slips are inevitable in this sort of project, and the ones that are present do not detract from the project at all. The other main issue is that some of the endings feel like they have less focus and development than others. That said, it cannot be overstated how ambitious this project is, and it's only natural that some elements were focused on more than others. All of the endings are well worth watching in their own right, and I believe that Lana spent the most time on the material that will appeal to the most people.

Another classic video from an extremely talented creator. I can't wait to see where Lana goes from here.

S-Tier][Full HD][60FPS][Role Play][Double Cosplay][Split Screen] Makoto Niijima has always been in the shadow of her older sister, Sae Niijima, considering herself a burden due to her sister shouldering the role of supporting the family. This unhealthy inferiority complex towards her sister has grown into more bizarre ways, even entering the realm of what some may call...a fetish... ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| My absolute most ambitious and most difficult video to date, this was originally planned to be an "X-Tier", the first of it's kind among my vids, but I decided to keep the price a lot lower than what I intended as I start to return to my normal schedule and get myself ready to deliver even more kinds of content to you guys, both in and outside of camming and ManyVids. With that in mind, I wanted to keep this vid as accessible price-wise to as many people as possible. I hope you guys enjoy it and I might continue to polish this video's file up across the next few weeks if I find ways to improve on it but for now, please enjoy 6 days of filming, 51 total hours of editing, and 2 new character cosplays in one video