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Humiliating CEI Bet | Ball Stomping

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I come over all the time to kick your ass in video games. Feeling confident this time, you wanna make things interesting. If you win, I have to suck you off and gurgle your "whipped cream". So my counter is, if I win, you have to do whatever I say! You ask for a hint, but I'm not gonna budge until you're a few rounds in. In the meanwhile, you're distracted by my bouncing tits as I jump around on the couch during the game. Flipping you off, teasing you about how shitty of a gamer you are and of course catching on to you staring at my chest. So I slip my hoodie and tank down off of my shoulders. My tank barely hanging on by my nipples. It's even harder for you to focus now, huh? Then revealing what'll happen if you lose: you'll be gurgling your own "whipped cream". And sure enough... you do lose. Grabbing a shot glass and telling you to cum into it. You resist, but I've always had a way of getting people to comply. That little chub in your pants, I don't fear... and I'll pull it out with no hesitation. Smooshing and stomping on your balls with my Doc Martens. Ready to comply now? Thought so! Urging you to be quick, as you both know you're less than a 5 minute man... and you do almost instantly from the excitement of being dominated, humiliated and mistreated. Now, head back and bottoms up! But don't swallow it right away! Really taste yourself. Swish it around. Oh! And close your eyes for her. After a minute, I'll allow you to swallow. Giggling with pleasure from humiliating you and more... How'd it taste? You liked it, didn't you, you sick fuck! Getting my laughs in as I taunt you about being defeated and misused. But by the way... I snapped a photo of this little incident that I'll be sharing with EVERYONE! NOW, back to the game! ...feel like making another bet? Video entails: use of pop ups for character roleplay and story line (ie: your "talking"), femdom, humiliation, eyeglasses, nerdy girl/gamer girl role play, actual gaming playing Mortal Kombat, non nude, CEI/cum eating instructions, slight blackmail scenario, ball smooshing/ball busting/ball stomping, humiliation/verbal humiliation, flipping you off, breast bouncing, tit obsession, alternative/inked/tattooed and more

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