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BAD DRAGON - The Abduction

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Trish Collins

French / France
1,478 5.0
14:23 min - Jun 15 - .MP4 - 1.04 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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kevuncharted Jun 15 2018
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Encore une vidéo incroyable signé Trish Collins ma déesse

A young schoolgirl was abducted on her way to the local college. She wakes up in a blue room with a headache, feeling lost and dumbfounded when a mad little alien scientist greets her, and mentions an important experiment which consists of observing sexual intercourse between a representative of the human race, and a specimen from planet LV-069. Stuck in the spaceship, the schoolgirl reluctantly agrees; but when the tentacle from outer space strikes, the pleasure is always galactical. ///// Hey bois, I’m proud to announce that my first sci-fiesque video is now available. It was extremely funny to make, even though I had to work until 1am to upload it on time. I used a LED light with a blue filter and grainy overlays to give the vid a retro vibe ; I’ve even added an atmospheric spaceship sound in the background ! The xenomorph part was thought to be cute and funny, it’s still not as professional as I wish it was, but I do like that pervy little character, and in terms of atmosphere, I think this video is pretty much on the same level as “The Vixen”. It contains blowjob, cum lube, close-ups, and dildo-play. Hope you will enjoy it ! Have fun and remember to stay cool ! Trish
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