Overwacth Pharah's Cum Dump in 3D 4K

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American / Outer Space
4,972 5.0
27:50 min - Jul 13 - .MP4 - 2.03 GB - 3840x2160 HD


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n2one2 Jun 23
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She does a fantastic job, throughout the whole vid. My favorite part is when she blows the dildo, it stretches her mouth almost like a "blow job face" from your favorite hentai. Then while the dildo stretches her mouth it pumps her mouth full of cum.
I will not spoil you the whole vid but if you are a fan of ahegao faces, dirty talk and playing with cum. This is the vid for you.

Hy_Spy Jul 13
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Lexi has the bet ahaego face on here. With that and all the cum play I can strongly recommend this video

DrCube - Top reviewer Jul 10
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Lexi makes a perfect Phara! Really sexy scenario and great role playing

mr_robot1984 - Top reviewer Jun 24
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I love watchinging you bathe in cum!
And you’re ahegao face trying take all of that dragon made it perfect!

iLoveEbonnyGoddesses - Top reviewer Jun 22
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Jesus. Christ. Woman! PHARAH BEING SUBMISSIVE AND TRYING TO FIT THAT HUGE TOY IN. I AM DEAD. Will you be making more of Pharah, Miss Lexi??? <3 Thank you, my Ebony Queen!!! Thank you for bringing these Goddesses to life. Watching and hearing you use that line with all that cum dripping on your face and out of your mouth....I can't. I just can't! Deal!

Custom | Character: Pharah from Overwatch | Part 2 is a ASS TO PUSSY CUSTOM | ALL HOLES WERE FUCKED. AND JUSTICE WAS CERTAINLY RAINING FROM ABOVE | You are in a (sexy) bikini you just got home from the beach. You find a mysterious sex toy in you apartment. You want to throw it out, but when you start picking it up something happened. You feel the urge to rub it like a cock. You start to rub it, whats the harm no one can see you. After some rubing you what to lick it, so you start doing that. You start loosing control, you lick all sides of the toy. Then you can't hold yourself, you give it a blowjob. The blowjob gets faster, you have only eyes for the toy (ahegao face) you lose control. You start to put it as deep as you can in your mouth and gag on it. Then it happens the toy pulses and something like cum comes out of it. It gets in your mouth, and on your face. What are you doing, that is so crazy. Where is that thing from, what is that cum? You have not much time to think about it, your mind goes blank and you play with your mouth full of cum. You blow bubbles with the cum rub it over your face. Open your mouth and finger your mouth full of cum. Some cum drips on top of your boobs where you rub it , and play with it. After that you are so horny, you remove the bottom of your bikini and use the cum on your pussy while laying on your back with your legs spread. You have one orgasm after another (ahegao face). Then the toy blows a big load in your pussy. You are so happy, but also totaly mindless, you play with the cum in your pussy. Masturbate your pussy full of cum with your fingers (nice sloppy sounds) also your ass. After you rub yourself to a another orgasm you scoop the cum in your mouth playing with it. (bubbles, finger your mouth full of cum, rub it over your face). You want throw it away it is the best think you ever found, you will have alot of fun in the future. --- Toy: Use your favorite squirting dildo Cloth sexy bikini of your choice. You leave the bra part on and later remove the panty's. Wig: I like the wig you used in the last vid, but if you want to try something out do it. Character: "normal" then you lose more and more common sense. You go "cock" and cum crazy, with alot of ahegao and crossed-eye looking on the toy. Cumlube: Use as much as you can, there is no thing as to many if you can use multiple bottles it is fine with me (I pay for them) Dirty talk: Praise the perfect cock and the cum a lot