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Cory Chase in Watch Me Stroke a Real Man

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Scene One: New man in her life I have tied up hands to ankles, gag in mouth and naked on the floor. You adore your sexy wife making you wholly submissive and whipped. Why don't you sit there and watch while I have some fun tonight She says and calls in another man into your bedroom. You struggle against the ropes as she starts to stroke the man in front of you. Humiliated you can only watch as the man's cock gets bigger in your wife's hands. This turns you on doesn't it? She asks as she strokes him. You're so weak and pathetic, see how he enjoys this, see how this pleases me? You're getting harder and harder, but you can't touch yourself, oh so humiliating. Scene Two: Power of attorney You'll have to sit there as I have guy after guy come in and fuck me. Softly Cory says she worships the stranger's cock. They will fill every single one of my holes while you're tied up with that gag in your mouth. I have all the power Cory says. You're so weak and unable to free yourself and unable to be a complete man like the one she is stroking. I take care of you don't I? she says. Cory moans as she feels him getting closer to cumming. She describes what it's like to be fucked by big strong men. Can you imagine it, baby? She strokes him faster moaning for his cum. He shoots his big load all over her stockings, covering them. Guess what baby? You get a special treat, I'm going to remove that gag, and you can lick his cum from my stockings She tells you, and your so weak that you will do anything she says

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