Freebie Tuesday

Trans Camper Jerks off in the Woods



American / New York
5:56 min - Jul 04 - .MP4 - 344.97 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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There are a lot of things happening at camp, but Billy takes some time to sneak away one morning to get off. He sneaks into the woods, slips his fingers down his tiny denim shorts to play with his clit and finger his hole. He stretches his hole around four of his fingers before squirting all over his hands. Keep a look out though, and make sure no one catches him! Tags: Camp, Outdoor, Forest, trans, trans male, trans guy, ftm, short shorts, denim shorts, ass, great ass, boots, doc martens, fingering, finger fucking, squirt, squirting, queer, gay, masturbation, jerking off, glasses, curls, curly hair