Ultimate Fatty Immobility Chat

770 5.0

BBW Marzipan

American / Azeroth
770 5.0
11:55 min - Jul 08 - .MP4 - 1.01 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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idkandstuff - Top reviewer Sep 6
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I love your soft, jiggly body, can't wait to see you get even bigger!

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Loved the video, you deserve to be treated like an immobile goddess.

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Seeing her hefty body sprawled out on the bed is amazing. Not gonna lie, pretty jealous of her butt haha.
Very candid and extremely cute to hear her thoughts on getting to an immobile size.
Love this video <3

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Loved every minute of it. Wish I was there to feed you to immobility

Marzipan sprawls out on her bed and talks about what she loves about immobility! She specifically talks a bit about what she'd like life to be like while immobile with you and what sort of changes she'd have to make in her life! She jiggles and plays with her fat body and shifts her position multiple times through out the video while switching topics to what she finds most appealing about immobility and why she'd like to be immobile. She touches on if she could ever be immobile and what would have to happen for her to go for it. Marzipan loves being naked and comfortable on her bed, talking about one of her favorite fetishes while playing with her fatty body, and hopes you do to! TAGS: bbw, ssbbw, feedism, feedee, fat, immobility, immobility fetish, immobile fetish, feedee fetish, bbw feedee, ssbbw feedee, immobile feedee, ssbbw immobile, ssbbw fat, immobile fat