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Gifting a unicorn to Seymour and Tamara

6k Views · aug 3, 2018
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God bless these two, as they reacted exactly how I thought exhibitionist couples would when I started this series--"Wait, you'll pay us to do whatever we want to this hot young slut, and people will watch and masturbate to it? Fuck yes I'm free this weekend." They specifically mentioned Gemma as a girl who was very much their type, and as luck would have it, she was super into the idea. This turned out to be one of my kinkier scenes (Seymour/Tamara are very much a kinky couple with a clear D/s dynamic, and Gemma just likes being an obedient little fuck-toy) so expect a lot more spanking, biting, and having to ask permission to cum than would be the norm for one of my scenes--hell, most of this entire 55 minute fuck/suck-fest is spent with at least one of these girls being pushed to their wits end trying not to resist climax before Seymour's say-so. These three have an incredible dynamic, though, and the sheer hotness of this threesome is definitely worth the price of admission even if you're not particularly kinky

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