Fuck A Fan Fantasy

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24,552 4.7
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Razielkronix87 Jul 22 2016

Omg this is amazing it made me cum 2 times

Lacey sullivan
Lacey sullivan deleted Apr 29 2016

This is amazing you make me so horny! I hearth it you ! I will love to work with you soon

DestinyDiaz Dec 18 2015

"Fuck A Fan Fantasy" Roleplay

beachdog82 Nov 27 2015

would you ever consider actually do it though?

freshi153xxx deleted Sep 23 2015

you are my queen diaz i wish you are my bestfriend in real life i do loved u everyday nonstop

DestinyDiaz Nov 14 2015

Thank you baby!!

Juanlove34 Sep 8 2015

Fuck an old guy

qbobo28 deleted Sep 4 2015

Real fan or just roleplay?

DestinyDiaz Sep 5 2015


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chillypenguin - Top reviewer May 22 2016
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A MUST HAVE for any of Destiny Diaz's loyal fans <3

mrroboto - Top reviewer Dec 4 2015
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Destiny looked sexy as she sucks and fucks a "Fantasy Fan".

interested_party1 - Top reviewer Dec 14 2015
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I've definitely had this fantasy numerous times with her, wish it was me receiving it!

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One of the best videos I've ever seen. Love this girl. Can't wait to see more of her.

eonasis8483 Dec 3 2015
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This is an awesome vid because Destiny talks that great dirty talk and we get an opportunity to see that thick ass. I'm all for getting more body shots and booty views of this gorgeous woman.

TheLeadDog15 Nov 13 2015
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Had me fantasizing about fucking her myself after seeing this. great work!

gaintgriffen Sep 22 2015
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hope you run this contest again

porkdog - Top reviewer Sep 5 2015
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Loved it, but I'd rather have a reverse cowgirl scene next time. Those titties are fucking amazing but so is that ass.

●●●●○ Read Review

Worst possible joke I could think of while still expressing the opinion of quality....Fan-fuckin'-tastic

maliciousjester - Top reviewer May 16
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I particularly enjoyed the BJ pov of this video. A lot of great eye contact that is an absolute turn on.

Blaidddrwg77 Jun 8 2016
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Ummm, it was alright. I rather the camera panned down once in a while to watch you have sex, than just focus on your bouncing boobs during the riding. The problems were that the preview was no help, hardly anything in the description, and all you're just left with is a list of positive, short reviews creating a lot of hype that makes fans wonder what the big deal is. I was uncertain about this video from the start, being torn between choosing this one or another, and..... this video is not for me.
I also bought another video of hers earlier not labeled as "Top Seller", that I consider to be better than this. Also the 1080p in some of her video titles are misleading. They are actually 480p, and I wondered why the video files were not well over a GB in size. Pretty much I honestly felt this was lead to be over-rated.

DestinyDiaz Jun 8 2016

I definitely agree that the description could be a lot more informative.(Y)) but you should not expect an angle that isn't shown in the thumbnail or preview. I recorded this video with a Nikon D5200 :take_my_money!::money_bags:so perhaps the quality is altered after uploading, but was certainly not intended on being advertised incorrectly as the equipment was top notch. Sorry this video didn't do the trick for you, it was quite a specific custom, but is still very popular with my fans being my 3rd :bronze: most sold video on ManyVids and an all time fav for many!! (Y))

POV Fuck a Fan roleplay, *custom for re-sale*
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Canadian / Cloud 9