Soothing Comfort Mesmerize

287 5.0


287 5.0
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mrabs487 Mar 18
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No cumming, just stroking. Sensual domination keeps one on the edge.

HypnotizedSwitch01 - Top reviewer Nov 7
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Thank you, Mistress. That was the sweetest, most caring hypnosis I’ve ever experienced. I felt so loved by you, Mistress, and. I want to remain in your arms forever. I want to be your slaveboy forever.

Sometimes, you're not up for hardcore femdom and just want to be gently held, instead... perhaps you need a loving female figure to make you feel protected and safe on a hard day. That's what this video is for! For use after one of my induction files, this will soothe you and chase your troubles away, both with my famous brainwashing talents AND my equally famous insane curves, teasing you playfully and relentlessly