Shaved Cream Challenge 1.0

aug 1, 2018Stream and Download4.59 GB48m39s FHD

Custom Video Ivy Satinee lights up a cigarette and dangles it from the side of her lips. She talks about how much fun this video is going to be. Lots of smiles throughout even with the cigarette in her lips. She dangles it while she Smokes without using her hands as she looks at the camera. A cigarette is gently dangling from her lips and not have the lips curled in. Also, the cigarette should not be clenched in the teeth. The model as she is smoking ask you “how cute she look” with all the shaving Ivy Satinee covers only her face with a 1" layer of shaving cream. First, she covers her entire face with a large layer, and then wipes the shaving cream from her eyes and wipes off her lips. Then she apply's lipstick to her lips. She lights up a new Cigarette and dangles it from her lips for 3 minutes looking at the camera without using her hands. She is still all smiles and happy! Ivy Satinee then takes one of the bowls, she lights up another cigarette and dangles it from her lips and mixes a lot of shaving cream in her hair, the whole time she dangles the cigarette in her lips. When her hairs are full of shaving cream she makes funny shapes with her hair since it is full of shaving cream. Her hairs are with giant handfuls and play around with the massive amount of shaving cream in her hair trying to see how much she can get in and make it stand up! Every time that a cigarette is halfway done, Ivy Satinee will light up another cigarette.?Ivy Satinee adds 2 more handfuls of shaving cream to the face and makes small eyeholes being very careful to keep the massive amount of shaving cream all over her face, then she wipes off her lips and then apply lipstick again. She is like a large ball of shaving cream, small eyes, and lips. The goal is not to see any skin, just eyes and lips as the rest of the face have shaving cream all over. Smoke this cigarette for 3 minutes without using your hands. Ivy Satinee lights up another cigarette and the goal now is as she dangles the cigarette she takes shaving cream from another bowl and adds shaving cream on top of her head and to the sides trying to make her head have a gigantic amount of shaving cream on her. All the time smoking. At the end, it should really be a large pile of shaving cream from her shoulders up. Lots of shaving cream should be put on the sides of the head to make the large mass of shaving cream. If there is too much on the face to make good eyeholes then just keep about a 3" layer on the face and use that amount to dig out the eyes and lips. Ivy Satinee wipes off only her face leaving the rest of the shaving cream around her head. Leave the rest of the shaving cream where it is. She lights up a cigarette and dangles and Smokes like she did in the other scene. She talks about how she needs some kind of more challenging custom than this one. Maybe with cake frosting or peanut butter that would be more of a challenge! The camera is a close up of the face for this part and the model is dangling the cigarette from the lips and letting the thick Smoke drift out of her mouth as she Smokes

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