MY 1ST BBC Cums 5 Times & I Orgasm Hard


Mya Lane

American / U.S.A.
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We should meet up I bet I can make you orgasm even better;)

I had the chance to have my first BBC while we were out at the club and I am so thankful I didn't pass it up. He fucked me at a swingers club and came 3 times there! One on me, one in my mouth and one in me! We fucked on a sex swing and in a mirrored bedroom. When it was closing time neither of us wanted to stop so he invited us over and I went. We went straight for the room where he POUNDED me on his bed. He came 2 more times and I had 2 of the best orgasms of my life!!! He was so big and strong and just dominated me and it was such a turn on! Next time we meet up I'll see if I can make him cum 6 times hahaha