My first B+G Anal video Zero Two

54,201 4.9


54,201 4.9
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Can't say enough about this girl.  You can try and search the Internet for a visually stunning performer, and I don't think you'll come close to her.  Russian beauty.  Feminine.  Slutty.  Uninhibited.  Enthusiastic.  Quirky, fun, funny.  This girl has it all.  As far as this video in particular, I watch porn for the context and plot, and I wasn't really feeling it in this video.  Nevertheless, you can't deny the visual beauty.  Loved the facial expressions and sounds.  Loved the over-the-shoulder look-back.  Happy that the camera didn't cut out the face.  Feminine body language.  Everything was just beautiful.  Proud and happy to see someone so beautiful making art, not just porn.

You look gorgeous! Can't wait for the video

Sadly you do only anal, how about a only BJ cosplay ?

buen video, pero me habria gustado mas un creampie vaginal, y sexo mas duro./ buen video, pero me hubiera gustado mas un chorreo de leche vaginal, y sexo mas duro.

deathnymph deleted - Top reviewer Aug 7
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Very very hot video she is gorgeous

Thank you, honey:)) Soon more cosplay, A N A L videos with boy)))))

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Very hot and amazing video! Candid poses, beautiful bodies, good camera angles! Thank you so much)

Thank you too, sweety)))

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Aug 5
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Can I just say wow! Very, very hot video.

Soon more videos with boy:)))))

Thank you:** Soon more videos with boy))

metichesmsi deleted Nov 22
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Perfect girl perfect video, please make more with zero two and 4k lol thanks

I sent link!!)):woohoo-23::woohoo-25::woohoo-25::woohoo-19:Thank you so much for purchase and review!)):woohoo-9::woohoo-9::woohoo-11::A:x:x:x:x

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Excellent video, the best way to watch Zero Two in porn, you are so beautiful and you are transforming in a beautiful anal queen.

Your body is so perfect, beautiful pussy and asshole. Your boobs are gorgeous, I recommend you for your next boy and girl videos to play with your nipples and tell your partner to pinch them while he is fucking you.

thank you honey!))) I will do it!))) <3<3<3

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cant believe i missed a review on this , seriously guys, if you haven't see a single one of her videos yet, you are missing out, her B/G vids are AMAZING ~

Seriously I watch her vids on a 50inch 4k tv and IT IS AMAZING, you get to see the full beauty of tanya ~ IT IS SOO WORTH IT ~ she is the real life Zero Two and the only Zero Two online to have made such an amazing Video ~ You always fantasize about tanya, you always fantasized about zero two ~ Tanya made your dream cum true ~

~ its beyond 5* and way beyond 9000, AND ITS HER FIRST ANAL B/G video ~ FIRST TIME ~ Buy it and WATCH History in the making as she BREAKS the INTERNET ~ WATCH IT ON A 50 inch 4k TV like me and Make that dream CUM TRUE ~

thank you, honey :*** <3<3<3<3

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You are so gorgeous! can't wait for the video!!!!!!!

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Love the character, the cosplay, the sex; everything

<3<3<3<3:x:x:xThank you, honey))))

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Would love more b/g in this suit! The blowjob is much appreciated!

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I absolutely loved this video! The costume is great and you really look good as Zero Two. The only thing I'd change is maybe get a shot of the moment he enters you? But that's just a personal preference thing. Anyway, super hot video, keep up the great work!

of course, I will shoot good videos!)) Everything for you)) I sent link))<3<3<3

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Bought this one too! Excited for this one the most :) :)

<3Thank you, cute boy<3

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I bought all three anal vids and I'm very impressed. It's a great pleasure to see her new vids. "Mikasa", "Sakura" and this "no Japanese name beauty cutie" are not boring, are a very aesthetic performance of sex and are of perfect picture quality! In addition, I got the impression that she really likes anal. Taty, right? Looking forward to more vids. I will wait and then totally enjoy you.

Yes, you're right, I like Anal, I feel orgasm when I stimulate the clitoris and anus))<3<3Thank you for review :*

donho7 Jan 25
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The reason this video was rated 5 stars was because the quality of the video was excellent, the actors, along with the cosplay, were fantastic, and the content of the video matches the description provided and the tags advertised.

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So hot, this video makes us want to get into Cosplay and Anime...

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good video,good video, vaginal sex the best, but I would have liked more a vaginal creampie, and sex harder.

Thank you for review) soon more anal videos)

Finally! This is my first boy and girl video! Are you happy?))) I’m really happy and I love so much a result , because there are good angles and poses, good light and cosplay. Do you like my ZERO TWO COSPLAY?) There is a lil blowjob ( I wear a braces system and I can’t put a real dick so deep inside my mouth because it can be painful for my partner) don’t worry! Soon I will get my braces off! Ahah)) During blowjob you can enjoy my cosplay make up and big eyes. Then you can see pussy ride when I'm facing the camera. Then we change this pose and I turne my ass to a camera and continue pussy ride. Then I get a dick in my ass doggy) there are cool close ups where you can see my suit and face also and full shots. A dick moves in my ass deep and no, fast and slow. Yep, I love it)) Then a dick comes inside my ass and a lot of cum pours out
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