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ASMR RP - The ASMR Therapy

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Trish Collins

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4,244 5.0
25:08 min - Aug 10 - .MP4 - 1.81 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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jeromekurtis - Top reviewer Aug 11 2018
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Amazing first effort on an ASMR. The dim lighting really adds to the atmosphere, removing any background distractions. Trish looks absolutely gorgeous (so by all means, no other distractions!) and has a beautiful voice. The ending will NOT disappoint - there is all the teasing and sexual stimulation you could possibly want from any video out there. This is an instant favourite - 25 minutes you will not regret and worth every single cent of the reduced price and more (so get it before it goes back to full price!).

Trish Collins Aug 12 2018

You're such a cutie, thank you very much, honey bunny. <3

kevuncharted Aug 11 2018
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C’est la meilleure ASMR vidéo de ce style que j’ai pus voir et de loin. Juste une pure merveille

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Absolutely loved it. It's like a rated R version of my favorite asmrtists, Can't wait to see if Trish makes more like it.

Thank you very much ! I'll have a new home very soon and i'll be able to produce more quality ASMR. ♥

Hello everyone ! Here is my first serious attempt to making a real ASMR video. First of all, know that this video mainly focuses on audio, there is no pornographic content (only a handjob/blowjob scene at the end, and a quick body display), and its purpose is solely based on relaxation. With that being said, I highly suggest that you watch it whenever you are alone, preferably at night and in bed, with no direct disturbances. I really hope that you will like it, please share your thoughts ! :) /// The script is based on a full-body massage appointment. Your therapist will help you getting comfortable and relaxed by providing special care and attention: deep breathing, whispering, scalp massage, hair brushing, motivational speech, … She will eventually let you release all negative thoughts and anxiety through sexual stimulation. So call me now, and relax; I will take great care of you during our appointment