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4K Mikasa Wants Anal and Facial

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43,596 4.9
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Good stuff

4k please

woshiay Mar 3

4k plz :D

Such sexy cosplays would like to see you in a sexy car girl cosplay

Love it so hot!!

Again, very sexually exciting video) A lot of voluminous light! Long time blowjob! As always a close-up during anal sex, very frank and without embarrassment presented) Classic porn ending with a cum on face/mouth! Highly recommend to buy and watch this great video)

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The first B+G video I bought but, the change in positions and angles, especially the doggy style and the hip wiggling was fantastic to say the least. Would love to see more deep penetration like at 26:30 into the video and possibly more position change ups; only constructive criticism I can give seeings how this video was well worth the money. Terrific video as always ☺

Thanks for the honest review!)) I will make the video better together with you)):x:x

deathnymph deleted - Top reviewer Aug 11
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OMG her videos are so god damn amazing she is so beautiful can’t wait to see her doing even more sexy naughty stuff. All the best for you

:x:x:x:x I working for you))

<3Thank you, cute boy<3 I sent link))

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Bought this vid and can't wait to watch it in full 4k! Awesome from start to finish!

Thank you))) I sent the link on pm ^^

Glb1234 Aug 13
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one of the best cosplay video i ve seen, very nice anal angles, look very sexy and slutty with a dick in your ass. deepthroat and swallow and you would be the perfect model

Thank you! I wear braces and can’t do a full blowjob lol because I can make a pain to my partner ) but I will get my braces off in December) haha but with deapthroat I have problems lol I don’t know why I can’t do the deepthroat , I tried buuuuuuuuut maybe in future I can do it))

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Another amazing video. Looking forward to more B + G. Can't wait to see the 4k version.

I sent you link for video)) ^_^

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I bought it and received the link from her. The result is really great, with a fantastic quality. When the anal sex starts... Oh yeah! The position in the armchair and I can still look at her bare soles... Hmm yummy... That's exactly how I like it. Very nicely done!

It`s so great)) I`m happy))<3<3

BadTom deleted Apr 7
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All of her anal videos are amazing. This one is definitely one of my favorite because of the awesome POV doggy style video angle. Great video which should make anyone cum hard. Keep up the great work :)

513160 Apr 7
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The only thing that would have mad this perfect would be an ass creampie but still awesome

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Just bought it downloading and can't wait to watch it. :D

hobo0718 Mar 24
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The effort that Lure puts into her cosplay make her videos so much better. Attack on Titans would be proud of this video!

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Amazing video with every aspect as always and the cosplay is perfect :) Can you please send the 4k link too? Thank you :D

woshiay Mar 3
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4K version has been downloaded ~so happy

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I purchased this vid and was very happy I did. Lots of good sucking and fucking in very high quality. Any of you foot lovers out there should consider buying this one as you get to see her very cute feet, soles and toes. And she has very cute toes and toenails. Got me pretty hot to see her taking that good fucking. I would just like to see more of the sexy tops of her feet. Doesn't have to be featured but one or two more close ups would be nice. Also it be nice to have the lovers talking to each other and telling each other how much they like being together, dirty talk with the fucking is always a plus. Keep up the great work.

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Nice Video! Please send my the 4k link

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Just bought baby, I'm waiting for the link <3

i sent):x;)

dabb56 Dec 15
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The cosplay is awesome. The angles great. Wish vould have had deeper penetration but either way i had to add to my cart and buy it. I love her work and scenes. Definitely ine if the best models out there quality wise and sex wise:)

Ghostman_MD - Top reviewer Dec 11
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Another creative and amazing sex video. My favorite so far.

donho7 Dec 10
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The reasons I rated this video 5 stars is because purple_bitch provided an accurate and matching description of the content of her video for potential patrons to learn what the video entails, the quality of the video uploaded is smooth and clear with amazing angles, and her cosplay resembles the advertised character.

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I just bought this video, it's pretty fucking great!

CyBoi1 Nov 24
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Just bought the video and it looks great! Can't wait to see the 4K version. :)

metichesmsi deleted Nov 22
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Hello, just purchased the video, can you send me 4k link? Thank you!

I sent link!!)):woohoo-23::woohoo-25::woohoo-25::woohoo-19:Thank you so much for purchase and review!)):woohoo-9::woohoo-9::woohoo-11:

Plapplap Nov 10
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Instantly one of my favorites! Can't wait to see this in 4k! Also thanks for making this vid

I sent link!!)):woohoo-23::woohoo-25::woohoo-25::woohoo-19:Thank you so much for purchase and review!)):woohoo-9::woohoo-9::woohoo-11::woohoo-16::woohoo-25::woohoo-16::woohoo-25::woohoo-23::woohoo-23:

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Perfect performance as usual from her.

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I always enjoy cosplay and I've always enjoyed Mikasa, great purchase/video, the angles are amazing!

<3<3<3<3thank you so much<3<3<3<3

i sent link ^^

I ssnt^^ thank you :x:x

gn0179 Oct 21
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i bought it and i really love it

<3<3<3<3i sent link<3<3<3

Jdm9011 Oct 19
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I Just boughtvideo, i want to see 4k video

Yep)) I sent ^^

supremo0 Oct 16
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This video is fuckin hot. Worth every penny. Mikasa too. Great character choice - she pulls it off. Buy this.

Coorss Sep 24
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Anal isn't my thing but she might change my mind

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Great look with the leg straps, and the facial is awesome. Really nice videography.

I sent link)) Thank you for review ^^

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I absolutely love this video, I never bought porn before you made me consider and finally do it, I can't wait to buy more of your stuff in the near future. Also, I can't wait to enjoy it in 4K keep it up :).

I sent)) thank you for review, honey!))))

dounce1 Sep 10
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Just bought this, can't wait to watch it ;).

</3<3I sent))<3:x

jesterpp Aug 27
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amazing vid, looking forward to 4k version!

I sent)))

aeroxx Aug 26
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Just bought it <3 love your videos

i sent link)) I like you))<3<3

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Ow please, send me the link for the 4k version!

<3<3<3<3:x I sent!))))

fredus29 Aug 23
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I never bought any porn before, this video made me do it, and it is worth every penny

thank you, honey :)) I'm very glad that you are happy with the purchase)):x:x:x:x:x:x:x

CrimsonF Aug 20
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Really bloody good near bust just watching the preview looking forward to 4k

I sent ^^

<3<3<3Thank you, honey <3<3<3:x:x

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Loved the video you're so beautiful : )..can I get the 4k link plz

Yep)) I sent ))))

tanoko13 Aug 18
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Ok i purchased this so i cant wait to see the 4k version :) ! You look really great as Mikasa, i love the cosplay stuff you do! <3

i sent link ^^ thank you:x:x

flefusse Aug 15
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hi BB.. please send me a link of the full video.. thanks..
PS you are amazing

I sent link, honey)) Thank you for short review)):x

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Blew my mind , love this girl she so sexy An great videos

hey) BEFORE PURCHASE READ THIS DESCRIPTION! This FULL HD video will be immediately available after purchase! I tested new 4K camera and got the perfect result! But I can upload on Manyvids only 5GB :с IF YOU BOUGHT THIS VIDEO YOU MUST WRITE IN REVIEW IMMEDIATELY THAT YOU BOUGHT IT AND I WILL SEND LINK WITH THIS FULL 4K VIDEO IN YOUR PM SO SOON THAT I CAN! IT WILL BE 4K VID WITH 50FPS AND BITRATE 30MB/s !!!!!DESCRIPTION OF MY VIDEO !!!!! THIS VIDEO ONLY WITH ANAL FUCK. You asked me a lot about Mikasa cosplay porn video and finnaly I filmed it. First I suck a dick and then get one in my ass when I`m laying on my side) Then I stay doggy and we continue ass fuck) there are a lot of close ups and cool angles where you can see my ass and face) at the and my partner cums on my face