Virgin ASMR Package of Tingles! Part 2

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BabyZelda Nerd Fap

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26:32 min - Sep 10 - .MP4 - 1.29 GB


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AndrewCW - Top reviewer Oct 10 2015
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Just gotta love pocky XD

(26 min ~ Part 2) My virginal first ASMR experience (turn up your volume to experience the tingly sensations)! ^-^ With a calming, soft-spoken whispering voice I slowly & carefully open a biiig package my friend sent me full of all sorts of tingly goodies that will send tingles from your head down to your toes! There is no nudity (I'm wearing my normal nerdy clothes) in this vid but it is a fun, intimate experience that will help you relax, meditate, & de-stress from a long day. *whispers* Oh, and fapping is allowed too! *end-whisper* :3 Clip contains~ whispering, virginal ASMR nervousness, tapping, scratching, slow deliberate delicate movements, chewing, food, candy, soft noises, all sorts of textures and sounds, extreme close-ups, livestream banter (*the full experience [including Part 1] is 1 HOUR long!!)