Mind Seduction Hands Free Orgasm


Kelly Sunshine

American / Minnesota
13:32 min - Sep 12 2015 - .MP4 - 710.41 MB


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It turns Me on so much to know I can be so far away yet I can still make you cum so hard - without even touching you. I'm picturing this fantasy in My mind and I want you to join Me in it. Relax and listen to My voice. Let Me take you deep into this blissful feeling. Surrender and let Me control you in ways that excite Me so much. I want to control your orgasm without even you touching your cock. I want to make you feel so overwhelmed with pleasure, just from My words and My energy. I want to give you an intense orgasm, without even stroking it. (Mesmerize, Sensual Mental Domination, POV Handjob, Orgasm Control.)