First Giantess Vore and Pregnancy fetish

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American / Latina
385 5.0
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I felt so safe and secure as you consumed me and I was inside of you. I love being your baby. I am really looking forward to feeding off of your giant breasts.

crop128 - Top reviewer Aug 1
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I love your work. You're my favourite model and I love everything you do. Thanks

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First real attempt at these fetishes as a whole and as the person who ordered this clip to be made I couldn't be more happy with how it turned out. I thought it was great and performance was well done. Big thanks :)

This is a custom video,so the name "steven" is mentioned throughout the video. I mixed 3 fetishes in one video. First of all,im a giant sexy girl,and I decide to make your vore fantasies come true. I'm gonna swallow you whole... To make it easier,I have a cracker and water ready! Once I swallow you,I talk to you in my tummy and ask you,how are you feeling? But then I notice my stomach is HUGE. I look PREGNANT! And what Im supposed to say to my family now? I wish you could see my "pregnant" body,but. oh well,you're already in my tummy! Enjoy this fetish video fantasy