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British / Waffle Town
310 5.0
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mazumo - Top reviewer Dec 15
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This video was overall pretty good. Franky portrays the shock and awe aspect well.

We have your results and well, they are most unusual, you have a, well, unusually large penis, and well, this is just to warn you it could perhaps be dangerous... um, so you may need to um, warn people. I become very flustered and excited Actually, I think I may have to take another look at it, if that's ok, just to check... yes it is... very big, and that's not even erect? ...could I perhaps see it erect? I can um, help with that if necessary. Eventually I have to start masturbating, just to make sure you stay erect while I check it of course... I am both excited and afraid by the thought of how difficult it would be to fit it in me. Just wow... I think we're going to have to do regular checks, just to make sure everything's ok.