Cassidy wants to Fuck Krissys Black boy


Krissy Lynn

American / United states
12:29 min - Sep 21 2015 - .MP4 - 392.20 MB


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Cassidy Lynn has never had big black cock before and she is absolutely dying to try it! She wants it so bad!! She walks into her sister Krissy Lynn's room to ask her whether she can fuck YOU her BBC man. and she accidentally catches her masturbating.. It's all a little awkward at first but Cassidy asks Krissy.....Krissy says anything for you sis.. but ask HIM yourself we are skyping hehehe... You take control of the situation and tell Cassidy to show you what she's got and prove she's worthy of taking your big black cock...They strip eachother off and start shaking their asses for you.. Krissy pulls out her massive dildo from behind her pillow is says, this is the size of your big black cock and says prove yourself! Cassidy goes to town sucking on that big black cock, proving to you had back she wants it! before things get nasty, they both start fucking themselves telling you how bad they want you and start riding the dildos moaning that they want you BIG BLACK COCK!! the expressions a