Ava Hughes Takes Her First Facial

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Today in her first ever scene we got Ava Hughes. She wasn't ready to show off her body for us today but she still got down to business and got on her knees to suck some dick. She expertly grabbed my cock with to hand and gave amazing head. The best part was her looking up with those beautiful eyes. The blowjob was so good I ha to pull back a few times to keep from busting early. She worked me good, licked and sucked my balls. Then I couldn't hold back anymore.She got in position for her first ever facial. She looked up at me with that cute face then I let it fly all over her face. After I had a little fun with her. I asked her what she thought of her first facial. Of course she says "it's warm". I have her stand up with it all over her face. Personally I think she looks even better with cum on her face. :). Enjoy
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