Trans Lesbians Spank and Squirt



British / London, UK
18:05 min - Aug 24 - .MP4 - 569.89 MB - 854x480


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How do queer babes have kinky sex? For me and Chelsea Poe it's about mixing pleasure and pain: erotic spanking and flogging to turn us on, and fingering and face fucking to make us squirt! This cum-drenched scene is my first time playing with my porn crush, award-winning trans megababe Chelsea Poe! We're super kinky, and love playing with butch/femme dynamics and dominance and submission. At first it's me taking the lead and dominating gorgeous Chelsea. Wearing a smart suit and cravat, I take her over the knee and pinken her gorgeous bottom with stinging spanks. Once she's well warmed up, Chelsea bends over the back of the sofa and I set to work with a flogger. Chelsea presents her bare bottom submissively, and I just love playing the flogger over her skin, moving between soft strokes and heavy impact. Chelsea's black velvet dress and bra don't stay on very long - I can't wait to touch and caress her beautiful body. We're both getting turned on, and soon the flogger is forgotten. I lick and worship Chelsea's pink, puffy nipples, and she unbuttons my shirt and slips her hand into my pants. We can't help giggling over the fact that my men's trousers have TOO MANY BUTTONS! But we manage it, and soon we're both making out in our underwear and petting each other's bare breasts. I'm finding the whole thing super hot, and I'm really aroused. Chelsea barely needs to touch my pussy before I'm squirting helplessly all over her hand. Laughing, she peels my wet knickers off to reveal the soaked gusset, before turning the tables on me and taking advantage of my highly sensitised state. She fingers me with expert skill, making me squirt again and again. One of the hottest moments for me was when she moved under the stream and ordered me to cum on her tits! Things get steamier as I straddle Chelsea's face, commanding her to lick my pussy. Oh wow. This girl knows what she's going. After she's licked my pussy to multiple orgasms, cum is running freely down her face and she looks even more sexy. I and ask if she wants me to fuck her face, and get an enthusiastic yes. I don't need telling twice! I eagerly strap on my cock, and face fuck Chelsea's talented mouth while she plays with her girl cock, leading to more mutually satisfying orgasms. This spanking sextravaganza is joyful, consensual and hella queer, starring two genuine BDSM enthusiasts and sizzling with erotic energy. Tags: pussy licking, pussy eating, finger fucking, face fucking, finger banging, strap-on, strapon, squirting, squirt, orgasms, lesbians, trans, transgender, queer, genderqueer, Blake, Pandora Blake, Chelsea Poe, redhead, red hair, spanking, spank, flogger, flogging, bare bottom, otk spanking, nipple worship, puffy nipples, nipple licking, wet panties, wet knickers, fingering, brunette, long hair, short hair, big butt, big ass, big booty, small breasts, ass fetish, perky nipples