Squirting Rose

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Harley Rose

American / USA
18,328 5.0
9:20 min - Sep 14 2015 - .MP4 - 1.18 GB


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God that was ho ,your beautiful pussy was so wet!!!

Valhalladick Oct 12 2016

So delicious 😚

USNDevildoc - Top reviewer Aug 9
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Love me some squirting rose! More please!!

Rainman_ovo - Top reviewer May 22
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drop dead gorgeous and creamy

Edgar_14 Jul 2 2016
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One of the sexiest videos I've seen. Couldn't help but cum 3 times to this video and yes in one session. So fucking hot. Loved it and one of the best purchases I've made. Keep it up beautiful.

ghost_fs Jun 28 2016
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Hands down one of the best vids I've ever purchased

chrispbacon_88 - Top reviewer Apr 18 2016
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Incredibly sexy video, Harley is great.

DonJayyy Jan 15 2016
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Never getting tired of your videos! You are simply on of the most beautiful girls I've found. Your are loud sexy, which is a hell of a turn on. Loved seeing you ride the dildo and seeing you squirt! This video is one hell of a treat from your part! Thank you for these amazing videos you treat us with. My collection of your videos will definitely grow!

Hardy84 - Top reviewer Dec 25 2015
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Very hot and sexy! :)

Nicklesanddimes Nov 11 2015
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One of the best videos I've ever seen.

jvgp1043 Nov 10 2015
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This is a great video. She is super sexy in the video and is well worth it.

I love to think about you while I ride my creamy dildo and show you how big my ass is. To finish myself off I'll squirt for you up close and personal. I really hope you enjoy it. This video is cheaper because it's an 'older' video and it has some pixel issues for a few seconds at some point. Nothing drastic, I just didn't have the raw file. It is still quite the video and I really wanted to show you how I squirt.