SPH And Jeans Ass Worship

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14 5.0
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jeansbooty81 - Top reviewer Mar 19 2017
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Hello Mira thanks so much for the jeans clip! I absolutely loved you in your tight jeans shorts pulled up as high as you can get them standing legs together showing off how sexy your bubble butt looks in them. I can't wait to buy more clips with you trying on all your tight jeans showing how amazing the silhouette of your bubble butt looks in them pulled up as high as you can get them for us to worship your perfect jeans ass! Thanks!

(1280 x 720 HD) Look at how hot my ass looks in these tight little jean shorts. Do you think an ass like this would EVER want anything to do with a tiny little dick like yours? Pshhh. Look at that tiny pencil dick! You can't even use your whole hand to stroke! Stroke it for this hot ass loser!
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