A Blue Balloon At The Mall



American / United States
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I inflate a 16 inch blue balloon while telling you a balloon story. A while back, I got an uninflated blue balloon at the mall. I immediately started inflating the balloon. My friend asked me why I was inflating it now. I told him I want to inflate it until it pops! He gets scared and tells me that I shouldn't do it. I told him I didn't want the balloon, I just wanted to POP it! By this time, the balloon was huge! He then says, if I don't want the balloon, I should give it to a k!d in the mall. I just kept inflating. Alright, one more, and if it doesn't pop, I will give it to a k!d. Of course the balloon didn't pop. I put it in my mouth like I was going to inflate it. He started freaking out. Haha, I was just kidding! I tie the balloon. I don't want to ruin all of the fun, so I will let you watch to video to find out what happens next. I will tell you that one way or another, this balloon will be popped!